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Congrats on making your first step in finding and choosing the ultimate erectile erectile dysfunction solution with Alprostadil-(Caverject)! Every vial ordered is approximately 8 doses and comes complete with instructions and syringes. We have been in business since 2009 and have the lowest prices worldwide. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

All U.S. and International orders are shipped from our U.S. Mail Distribution Center and are delivered in two or three days from receiving payment. International orders under 5 vials out side the US will have an additional $50 shipping fee. Philippine orders outside of Angeles City are delivered via LBC and include shipping costs. Angeles City orders pick-up/delivery will be arranged.

Placing an order is easy. Just fill out the order form below and choose your quantity, your shipping destination and secure payment method. Phone ordering outside of The Philippines is not available at this time. Philippines based customers can call 099999201 to place an order. If you have purchasing questions please email: bestedchoice@gmail.com.

Our prices are 5X cheaper than our closest competitor. Click here to review their prices and then compare them to ours!

Most users get 10-12 doses per vial. All orders come with detailed instructions for usage, mixing, and determining the right dosage for you.

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