Generic Caverject: Cost and Usage – Alprostadil for Sale

Generic Caverject: Cost and Usage – Alprostadil for Sale

What is the Cost of a Generic Caverject in the USA?

As of my last update in January 2024, the cost of generic Caverject (alprostadil), can vary based on location, country, and different stores (online or local store). Generally, the cost for a single vial dose of generic Caverject ranged from approximately $40 to $80 in the United States excluding shipping.

However, the cost of a generic Caverject in the USA by Alprostadil for sale is 29 USD per vial, the lowest price available online. The number of doses per vial is 1-5 and each vial of alprostadil is 20 mcg. Additionally, the price of Caverject injection further decreases when you buy in bulk. You can get a huge saving when you buy for two or more months of your Alprostadil stock.


How does Generic Caverject work?

Alprostadil helps men who cannot get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual activity. It treats a condition called erectile dysfunction or impotence. Alprostadil makes muscles and blood vessels of the penile area relax. This allows continues blood to flow toward the penis area, causing an erection.


How should you use this medicine?

Alprostadil comes in two forms – a powder that you mix with liquid for injection and a small pellet suppository. You use alprostadil right before sexual activity. The injection goes directly into the penis. The suppository gets inserted into the opening at the tip of the penis.

  • For the injection, you must mix the alprostadil powder with the provided liquid first. Follow the instructions carefully on how to mix it properly. Then, you inject the liquid into your penis using the supplied applicator. An erection should happen within 5 to 20 minutes after injection.
  • For the suppository, you simply place the pellet into the opening at the tip of your penis. Push it in gently with your fingertip. The pellet will dissolve and cause an erection within 5 to 10 minutes.
  • No matter which form you use, the erection should last around 30 to 60 minutes. Do not use the alprostadil injection more than 3 times per week. Leave at least 24 hours between each use. For suppositories, do not use more than twice in 24 hours.
  • Always take the adequate dosage prescribed by your doctor. Just like any other drug, it can have some side effects; learn more.

For easy understanding follow this Video of Dr. Stacy Elliott.


How to store and dispose of Alprostadil if you order it in bulk?

  • For the alprostadil pellet suppositories, you must store them refrigerated in their original package. However, you can keep them at room temperature for up to 2 weeks before use if needed. Never expose the medication to high heat or direct sunlight, as this will ruin its effectiveness.
  • Always keep all medications out of sight and out of reach of children. Many containers like weekly pill boxes are not child-resistant, so kids could easily open them. Be extra careful when traveling not to store alprostadil where it could get extremely hot or cold temperatures, such as in checked luggage or left in the car. Keep suppositories in a portable cooler when traveling.
  • When you no longer need alprostadil or it has expired, you cannot simply throw it in the trash. You should never flush medication down the toilet either. The best way to dispose of unused or expired alprostadil is through a drug take-back program. Many pharmacies and community organizations host these.


FAQs about Generic Caverject – Alprostadil:

1. When one should consider taking Generic Caverject?

Doctors prescribe alprostadil as an injection into the penis or as a suppository inserted into the urethra. Before that multiple tests will carry on to diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction. They may also suggest other medication along with alprostadil injection.

2. Is this a permanent cure?

Alprostadil does not cure erectile dysfunction permanently or increase a man’s sex drive. It simply able you to perform a sexual activity by giving a strong and long erection when taken.

3. Does Caverject work like a protection or contraceptive?

Alprostadil also does not prevent pregnancy or stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Men must still use other birth control methods and practice safe sex when taking this medication. The effects of alprostadil are temporary, allowing an erection for a limited window of time.


Final Words:

The bottom line is, Caverject is a great solution if you are looking to get an erection and fulfill your partner’s needs. The Cost of a Generic Caverject in the USA is extremely low at Alprostadil for sale as compared to other sellers. It’s an online platform for easy orders, bulk purchases, and doorstep delivery. To place an order visit our store, fill out your details via the order form and Bruce will reach you to complete the purchase. We accept BitCoin, Credit cards other payment options.

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