I wasn’t getting good results from Viagra or Cialis. I would get heavy but not hard. I had prostrate treatment and thought I’d never get a good erection again. Then a friend told me about Alprodstadil, and it changed my life. It’s like being 19-years old again. I am very pleased with the this medicine and would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t get good results from tablets.

My Doctor recommended Alprostadil injection therapy since I wasn’t getting results with Viagra or Cialis. At first I was apprehensive about injecting my penis with a needle. After doing research on the internet, I decided to try it. The injection into the cavity on the side of the penis was painless. The results, which occured within five minutes, were incredible. I got the best erection that I had had in years. It was very hard and lasted two hours. After ejaculation, I was still hard and could go again. Also, there are no side effects, headaches or heart burn, which I disliked about Viagra. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone that doesn’t get results with tablets.

I was in denial about my ED. I would say to myself, “These pills are working great.” In reality they would make me hard, but not hard enough to get my girlfriend off, or hard enough for me to ejaculate most of the time. Especially if I’d had a few beers, which was most of the time. Then a friend of mine told me about Caverject (Alprostadil is generic Caverject). He said he been using it for years even before the pills were available. He said once you get over the fear of the shot, it’s as easy as pie, and you hardly feel it.

So I got some, followed the instructions, watched a couple of videos, and gave it a try. The results are amazing. It truly changed my life. Now I have total confidence, because Alprostadil always works.

Thank you for introducing me to Alprostadil/Caverject as seen on and in the Blue Book for Angeles City. For the past ten years I have used Viagra, Kamagra, and other Chinese herbal supplements. They worked until recently and I could no longer achieve a full erection. In addition these supplements gave me a stuffy nose and my face would become flush and at times heartburn. I am now 72-years old and my wife is 22. Because I could not achieve a full erection she accused me of not loving her or worse yet that there was another lady in my life. I was extremely frustrated to say the least and then I saw the advert I decided to give it a try not believing that it would work. To my surprise it worked within 10-minutes and my flag pole was erect and no longer at half mast. I would like to say thank you because now I feel like a man again!

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