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US & International

1 Vial $65 USD
2 Vials $125 USD
3 Vials $165 USD
5 Vials $250 USD
10 Vials $450 USD

Local Pick-up

(Angeles City Only)

1 Vial P2750 PHP
2 Vials P4900 PHP
3 Vials P6600 PHP
5 Vials P10000 PHP
10 Vials P19000 PHP


(Outside Angeles City)

1 Vial P3050 PHP
2 Vials P5200 PHP
3 Vials P6900 PHP
5 Vials P10300 PHP
10 Vials P19300 PHP

If you are looking for a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, look no further! Check out our Alprostadil and place your order today to see guaranteed results.

All other prices remain the same. 

Every order comes with detailed instructions on the usage, mixing, and how to determine the right dosage for you. Buy Alprostadil online today for the best results at the lowest prices!

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Does it work?

It absolutely works! I know you are probably rather discouraged right now! This is either a new challenge you are facing OR a previous solution has stopped working for you. Whichever it is, you will be amazed at this simple but effective answer to every man’s worst nightmare! Alprostadil will get you results you’ve only ever dreamed of!


If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us by utilizing our convenient contact form.
Our team is always ready and happy to assist you.

We offer Alprostadil injections to help with Erectile Dysfunction without any adverse effects. We have a facility in the United States, so our US-based customers receive their orders in just a few days.

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Alprostadil is Generic Caverject.

Want a simple, low cost and painless solution to your erectile dysfunction?

Alprostadil is the answer! We are the leading supplier of Injectable Erectile Dysfunction Medicine.
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Erectile Pills Stopped Working?

If your erectile tablets are no longer giving you the results, you must check out our Alprostadil today! It is the perfect solution for you if:

Your erection pills don’t work
You are diabetic

You take blood pressure medicine

You recently had a prostate surgery

Alprostadil is an affordable, simple, and painless solution to your erectile dysfunction!

Get your Bedroom Confidence Back!

Our Alprostadil injection is simpler to use than you can imagine! It is also completely painless; you just have to inject it using an ultra-fine syringe that you will hardly feel. It works instantly to give you an erection in just minutes. Once it acts, the result is maintained for up to a couple of hours.

✔ Easy to Use
✔ Painless
✔ Fast Acting
✔ Long Lasting

Try Alprostadil and you’ll never look back.

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We guarantee you the lowest prices on Alprostadil online! You can get huge savings on buying for two or more months of your Alprostadil supply.

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“At first, I was very nervous about using Alprostadil. I was also worried that it would pain. But it was fantastic. It was easy to use, no pain, and I was ready to go in just a few minutes!”

–  Graham, United Kingdom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering your drug from our website is really simple! To buy Alprostadil online, you simply have to select the number of vials you want to order, fill in some shipping details and make the payment.

You will find step-by-step instructions including the dosage in your order process. Once we receive the payment, your order is shipped to your doorstep and you receive the tracking details via email.

Alprostadil is an effective option for those who no longer get desired results with Cialis, Viagra, and other Erectile Dysfunction medicines. Alprostadil injections are also suitable for those who have high blood pressure or diabetes or have undergone prostate surgery or therapy.
No, this treatment is not at all painful! You just need to inject the drug which causes a little pin prick but there is no discomfort or pain after that.
Alprostadil is an injectable drug that can be self-administered by injecting into the side of the penis with the help of a very fine, small insulin syringe. After injecting, results can be noticed in just a few minutes in the form of a very hard long-lasting erection. A safe and effective solution to erectile dysfunction!
No, Alprostadil is a tried and tested treatment option for erectile dysfunction. It has been available and used to treat the symptoms of ED for more than 30 years and has helped millions of men enjoy better sex life. The drug is available in most countries with a prescription and you can always buy Alprostadil online if you think it can help you.
No, when you buy Alprostadil injection in powder form, you need not refrigerate it. The powder is freeze-dried and vacuum-packed with the use of stabilizers, so it can be kept outside for years. However, once mixed with sterile water for injection, it is better to refrigerate it to ensure that it retains its potency for longer.
When stored in powder form, the Alprostadil drug can last for many years without losing its efficacy. Many users keep it in the refrigerator for months after mixing it.

Why choose us?

Alprostadil For Sale is one of the best places you can rely on for your ED medication supply online.
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We have an experience of over two decades with our product and have been helping our valued customers for almost ten years. Our Alprostadil drug is one of the most potent and effective ED treatments available on the market and has a proven record of helping with erections without any side effects. When you are looking to buy Alprostadil online, we bet there is no better place to trust!

Satisfied Customers

We have helped thousands of customers around the world with our Alprostadil injections. Almost every buyer is happy with the results and continues to shop from us.

Easy Ordering

We have a very simple order process where you just have to select the dose and quantity of vials and make the payment. Reordering your dosage is also quite simple. We provide step-by-step instructions to make the shopping experience convenient and stress-free for you!

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